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HD Pack Co., Ltd is a specialized leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Packing Solution of Automatic Filling & Packaging Machine lines for liquids, vial, ampoule and powders.

We manufacture washing M/C (both ultrasonic washing and general cleaning), sterilization drying tunnels M/C, filling and rubber stoppers M/C and Aluminum cap sealing M/C. We always contribute the improvement of product quality and productivity for both domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies by manufacturing equipment in accordance with GMP regulation.



Establishment of HD PACK CO.,Ltd
HanDong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Change of company name to HD PACK CO.,LTD
New factory in Cheonan (Expansion)

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Unscrambler Liquid, Syrup Filling & Capping M/C
Capping M/C Vial Filling & Capping M/C
Vial & Ampule Washing M/C Powder Filling
Ultrasound Vial & Ampule Washing M/C aluminum Cap Sealing M/C
Sterilizer Syringe & Cartridge Washing & Filling M/C
Monoblock Vial, Bottle Filling & Capping M/C Sticker High-speed Vial,ampule Labeler
Eyedrop Filling & Capping M/C