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기술, 납기엄수 그리고 신뢰는 HD PACK의 핵심 가치입니다.

HD PACK are making continuous efforts to realize this value since our founding 20 years ago. We have separate product and market research teams to respond to rapidly changing markets, and we are investing to R & D to produce quality machines that are even better and more efficient for our customers.

We always study what is best for our customers and we listen to our customers and walk together to the hilt to the destination our customers are heading to.

Production Efficiency System

Persist the best corporation in Pharma Packaging Industry through TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

끊임 없는 혁신과 연구개발/고객 중심의 마인드/프로액티브 조직

Values are uncompromising and unconditional.
We manufacture the best fit machine according to the customer's requirements with cutting-edge technology in punctual delivery time with trust on quality and service. We will always stand by customers, help them to achieve their goals and reach the destinations.