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Eye Drop Filling, Plugging, Capping Machine

안약 충진라인

HD-MEF series as mono block type is very simple and multi-functional machine to perform filling, incapping and out-capping into HDPE container in one rotation. This machine realizes reliable safety because it is designed for quantitative filling of liquid by Piston dosing pump and Peristaltic pump and high productivity, and conforming to GMP regulations.



  • Stable transferring of container through star-wheels (filling, in-cap, out-cap)
  • Quantitative filling by piston dosing pump (servo control filling volume)
  • Minimizing contamination due to minimization of contact point
  • Easy to produce many kinds of products
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean
  • Easy to change parts to fit multiple containers
  • Easy to operate and easy to store production data
  • Conform to GMP regulations

Specification of HD-MFE

Type Suitable Size Dosing Range Container Dimensions Net Weight Electrical Supply
HDMFE 100 6,000 (5ml) 0.2 - 0.5ml ± 0.5% ø80mm.max
h310mm max
950kg 220/380 VAC
50/60Hz-3 kw.max
HDMFE 200 9,000 (5ml) ø400mm.max
h225mm max
1,250kg 220/380 VAC
50/60Hz-4 kw.max
Eye Drop High Speed Filling Line(100BPM)

Eye Drop High Speed Filling Line(100BPM)

Eye Drop High Speed Filling Line(150BPM)

Eye Drop High Speed Filling Line(150BPM)